Altheresa is a wife, mother, coach, therapist, author, speaker, entrepreneur and a strong woman. She has impacted the lives of many individuals and families by teaching them to find their purpose and walk in their purpose. Hailing from Miami, Florida Altheresa inspires others to live a life of purpose.

In 2016, Altheresa launched Inspire4Purpose, where she is passionate about helping her clients find the pathway to their purpose by giving them the road map to finding their purpose. She is the CEO/Founder of Inspire4Purpose where she has built her private practice to assist those in need of reclaiming their life and to find their purpose. 

 Altheresa has also worked towards negating the stigma of mental health in the world by also providing therapy services to the clients that she works with. Her vision is to empower others to succeed in their lives, their business, and inspire people to leave a legacy for generations to come. Growing up she dealt with the shame and guilt of having a mother who battled with mental illness in silence; in which this began her passion to assist those in need of mental health services.

 In which this ignited the passion that she has now to not only help, but to be a voice for those who suffer with mental illness. She wants to not only inspire, heal, and motivate the clients that she works with but to leave a positive imprint on their lives. She not only works with clients with mental illness but with women who struggle with what their God-given purpose in life.

 So yes she went to college and got a masters degree in clinical social work, but she also realized that she wanted to be her own boss. She wanted to start a business that not only let her live and walk in her purpose but a business that helped others reach their purpose as well.

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