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  • Melissa Beaulieu, LMHC

    Hi! I’m so glad you are here because it means you are on a path toward self betterment . I would love to assist you with that. While working together we will discuss what you believe has brought you to therapy and —at your own pace— discuss any not-so-obvious factors that may be relevant to your journey.

    My name is Melissa Beaulieu and I love partnering with clients who struggle with relationships, communication difficulties, challenges with managing anxiety, self-esteem issues, trust issues, lack of assertiveness, challenging family dynamics and clients who love to learn about themselves and psychology in general. I have a holistic approach to therapy, which basically means that I look at the multiple pieces of your life to help support your healing. That includes providing education on a certain topic and using interventions from various schools of psychology. I like to incorporate mindfulness, breathing exercises, homework, role-play, communication skills training, bibliotherapy, and other interventions that best suit my clients.

    I graduated from Wake forest, located in North Carolina, with a Masters in Experimental Psychology. That foundation has given me a multifaceted understanding of the many Psychology theories I like to use. I also have a Master’s in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from FAU, which has given me hands-on and academic training to be a therapist. I continuously enroll in trainings in order to polish my skills as well.

    I have always enjoyed working with underserved populations in the social services field. I have experienced working with families of children in foster care while working as Child Welfare case manager. I have also worked at a psychiatric hospital for over two years. Those experiences have shown me the importance of client advocacy and education. I have also interned at a dual diagnosis treatment center and at a private practice.

    In my spare time I love to read novels, psychology books and journals, exercise, connect with my family and friends, go to the beach and I love to travel. Culturally I am of Caribbean descent, and I speak three languages fluently–English, French and Creole. This supports my ability to connect with clients who have a multicultural background.

    I look forward to supporting you!


    Master’s Degree, Department of Counselor Education, Mental Health Counseling, Florida Atlantic University

    Master’s Degree, Department of Psychology, Wake Forest University

    Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology, College of William and Mary