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  • Melissa Beaulieu, MHC

    I have always enjoyed working with underserved populations who need advocacy and visibility in the social services field. I have experienced working with families of children in foster care while working as Child Welfare case manager. I have also worked at a psychiatric hospital for over two years. Those two experiences have shown me the importance of client advocacy. I have also interned at a dual diagnosis treatment center (working with drug addicts) and at a private practice. With that experience, I was able to gain a better understanding of addiction, trauma, anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, social isolation and other daily living struggles.

    These experiences have deepened my interest in trauma-centered interventions, and mindfulness focused therapies. These have been shown to help alleviate PTSD, depression and anxiety symptoms. I am also well acquainted with one variation of CBT (CBASP) which helps clients substitute hurtful patterns of thinking and behavior for more productive thoughts and behaviors.

    I have a passion for helping people heal and find their own mental health regumens. I am an empathetic, supportive, and relatable counselor who champions my clients toward a higher version of themselves. My philosophy is to help clients create their own method for holistic healing, understanding that mental health is a result of a nurturing mind, body and spirit.