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  • Eve Coke, MHC

    Eve G Coke is a native New Yorker with Caribbean roots. She is a writer, high school teacher, sci-fi nerd, and cat-mom. She graduated from Florida Atlantic University in 2016 with a Bachelor of Science in psychology- emphasizing neuroscience. In 2020, she earned a master’s degree from Barry University with a dual concentration in both mental health counseling and marriage/ family counseling. Her passions include helping individuals, families, and couples cope with life’s stressors and live a life of success.

    Eve has over 1,500 hours of clinical experience working with teen and adult clients to develop effective communication; to build practical boundaries, to cultivate healthy relationships, and to remove childhood/ generational barriers that impact a fruitful life. She has an eclectic approach to the therapeutic process, using elements from different modalities to suit each client. Believing that therapy should be a human experience. To add, Eve also specializes in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy as well as Solution Focus Therapy to assist goal- minded clients. As both modalities are based on supported research for long-term change.