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    Altheresa Clark, LCSW

    Founder & CEO

    Altheresa Clark is the CEO/founder of Inspire4Purpose, LLC. 

    Altheresa is a wife, mother, coach, therapist, author, speaker, entrepreneur, and a college professor. She has impacted the lives of many individuals and families by teaching them to find their purpose and walk in their purpose. Hailing from Miami, Florida Altheresa inspires others to live a life of purpose. She is passionate about working with women who struggle with mental health related issues, or women who simply need support and motivation to recognize and achieve their purpose. She is married with two children. She attained her bachelor’s degree at the University of Florida and graduated from Florida International University with her master’s in clinical social work. She then acquired her License in Clinical Social Work and has been in the field of social work for the past 10 years.

    She realized at a young age that she not only wanted to help others, but she realized that she hada higher calling to assist women in finding their purpose. So, in 2016 she birthed Inspire4Purpose, LLC. Through Inspire4Purpose, LLC, she is on a mission to break the negative stigma our society associates with mental health. She believes that every single person has been placed on this earth with a purpose and her goal is to support individuals in their pursuit of that purpose.

    In which this ignited the passion that she has now to not only help, but to be a voice for those who suffer with mental illness. She wants to not only inspire, heal, and motivate the clients that she works with but to leave a positive imprint on their lives. She not only works with clients with mental illness but with women who struggle with what their God-given purpose in life. She is the author of “Finding the Missing Part of Me 31-Day Journal to Self-Discovery”.  

    In 2019 she was awarded with the 40 under 40 award by Legacy Miami and has spoken to hundreds of women in regard to walking in their purpose. Since the birth of Inspire4Purpose, LLC she has grown her practice to coaching, support groups, mentorships programs, purpose, and inspirational products and many more to come. She is walking in her purpose so that others can walk in their purpose and is here to share that message with the world!