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    Are you a new graduate registered intern looking for a Qualified Supervisor in Florida?

    We supervise Registered interns for licensure for clinical social work with the state of Florida:

    • Help you to prepare to start or join a private practice
    • Prepare you to treat adults and teenagers, in a variety of settings
    • Provide you with guidance on maintaining the highest ethical standards
    • Oversee the implementation of evidenced based treatment techniques
    • Support your personal growth and development as a therapist

    Please contact us today to learn more and get involved with our internship program and starting with a Qualified Supervisor in Miami. We look forward to meeting you! Complete the form below and one of our supervisors will contact you shortly. If you want to work with a specific supervisor, please indicate that in the box.

    We offer individual and group supervision conveniently located in Miami. We offer face to face supervision, as well as Zoom sessions. Our group supervision is a group of highly motivated registered interns who are excited to begin their journey as a therapist.

    All of our registered interns have gone on to get licensed and usually pass their licensure exam the first time. Our registered interns go on to start private practices, join our private practice while getting their hours, become clinical directors or get their dream jobs working with local agencies.

    We love to help registered interns get licensed. We have a team of Licensed Clinical Social Workers from you to choose from in order to becoming licensed. Let us help you achieve your goals and become a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. One of our Qualified Supervisor in Miami is looking forward to working with you.

    Our fees are $75 for individual supervision and $45 for group supervision.

    Our team includes:




    Altheresa Clark, LCSW, QS



    [email protected]