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  • Being Grateful

    ​Do you remember when you prayed for that job, house, spouse, child or business. We can sometimes find ourselves unhappy with the things in our lives and forget that once upon a time we prayed for that job that you now hate, or that business that you now want to close. It’s much easier to spot the things that we dont like in our lives as oppose to finding the great things we like. I say all this to say, stop and smell the roses and be grateful for where you are because at one point in time you prayed to be here.

    I recently found myself needing to be more grateful for the things that I have in my life. I prayed to God for the place I am in my life and sometimes I find myself complaining about my business or my job. Life is not always roses but when we take it one day at a time we can focus on the positive instead of the negative. So I encourage you to learn to be grateful and here are some tips to help with that:

    • Changing your thoughts
    • Meditating
    • Focusing on the positive in each area of your life.